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Runescape RS Gold Review – Jump Into a World of Fantasy

Runescape RS Gold Review – Jump Into a World of Fantasy

Runescape RS Gold Review – Jump Into a World of Fantasy

With the phenomenal success of World of Warcraft, massively multiplayer online role-playing games (or MMORPG for short) have become the hottest commodity among gamers. Among paid games (users shell out anything from $1 to $15 per month for access), World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, and Age of Conan rule the roost. Among free MMORPGs, Runescape trumps all competition and in the past few months, has emerged as a serious threat to World of Warcraft as the world’s most popular multiplayer game.

Runescape is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most popular free MMO. Running right from your browser without any installation or downloadable client, Runescape boasts of over 150 quests, regular content updates, and a global community numbering millions of gamers.

The RS Gold Runescape world is called “Gielinor” and consists of several different regions and cities. Just like the fictional fantasy worlds in games like World of Warcraft or Oblivion IV, Gielinor is inhabited by a wide variety of creatures, monsters, and characters. Players can move through this world on foot, on different creatures, or through teleportation spells. As with most role-playing games, the story of Runescape is revealed through quests. These quests can be completed alone, or by teaming up with other members in the game.

The first thing you will be prompted to do upon registering for the game would be to create your avatar. Your avatar serves as your physical representation in the game. Setting up the avatar can be as easy as choosing the hair, clothing, and body. Unlike most other role-playing games, you are not required to pick a character class when making your character. Once you have created your avatar, you can dive into the game and experience Runescape first hand.

The key element of Runescape is “Skills”. These 24 character traits allow players to perform different activities in the game.

The more you perform a skill, the better you become at it RS Gold

For instance, if you try to catch fish with the Fishing skill, it will gradually improve over time. Skills can then be used in combat, to interact with non-playing characters (NPCs), or to manipulate the environment.

Combat is the central aspect of Runescape, as it is required to complete most quests, or to collect experience points, items and gold from fallen monsters or other players. You can engage in combat either at close quarters, from range, or using spells. These three combat styles make up the “Combat Triangle”, and you can switch freely between these within the game. The combat system is highly satisfying and you can easily get hooked on it.

The Runescape economy works on gold coins. You can collect gold from fallen monsters or players, by completing quests, or by selling items. Gold can be used to trade items with other players, or buy things from various shops spread throughout the virtual world.

The parental controls in Runescape are quite deficient. Users you admit to being under 13 are not allowed to chat with other members unless they have exclusive parental consent. However, it is very easy to game the system and a lot of crude language can pass through the chat filters. It is best to keep pre teen kids off Runescape.

Since it runs from the browser, Runescape lacks the fancy graphics of a World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online. Nonetheless, the game looks pretty enough to make game play fun. The graphics have been deliberately kept low quality to avoid lag. Users have an option of switching to a high quality graphics mode if they have a fast internet connection.

The game runs smoothly on even low-end computers. The servers are quite fast and there is very little lag or downtime. For a game of such complexity, this is a remarkable achievement.

As mentioned before, Runescape is free to play and is ad supported. However, for a fixed monthly price, one can access the exclusive members-only area where one can find an array of unique monsters, items, and playing environments.

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