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How Logo Designers Cover Their Mistakes!

In the logo design business, it is always a two-sided relationship… namely, the ‘client-designer relationship’. As we all are familiar with the fact that the best relationships consist of a mutual process. A few designers also treat their customers as pushovers to lay their mistakes on them. But are they really witty as they think they are? Let’s read on which smart tactics logo designers usually use to cover their blunders from clients.

Lay blame on clients:

The first thing / tactic that some designers do is play the blame game with their clients. Of course the client tells you what he wants done in the project, but you simply cannot lay all the blame of your shortcomings on the client. Since the client is reliant on your expertise and knowledge to guide him in the endeavor, you are obliged to use your creative and imaginative skills to convert what he has in mind. Instead of clarifying what the client wants of you, completely refuse to take any responsibility and lay the blame on him.

Label Everything as Minimalist:

Although minimal designing is recognized as one of the best, but you cannot justify everything as a minimalist design. Some designers who are unable to finish their project on the given deadline try to pass on their incomplete work as a minimalist design. This is one evasion tactic that designers choose a lot. But you need to understand that a client will like a minimal design only if it is able to fulfill his desires.

Brag about their experience:

In order to become a successful logo designer, one must portray modesty and humility. History has witnessed that no famous designers has ever boasted about their skills and creative work to their clients. This is because what they perform speaks for itself. But a few designers have a bad practice of bragging about their experience and how much knowledge they possess. They say, “I know a lot better as I have been working for the past ___ many years.”

Boast about their clientele:

Bragging about experience is one thing, but some logo designers also resort to naming other big clients in order to cover their acts. Their technique is that since they have worked with “big brands” as their previous clients, they can never be wrong. Their logic is since they have contributed in making famous logos like Apple, IBM etc, they are always right. The identity you create for Apple may not relate to another company’s identity.

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